The Beginning of a Passion Journey

My name is Nikita. I live in Cape Town. I study at UCT. I am a medical student. I am in 5th year. I am passionate about health. I am a gym bunny. I am a recently converted superfood junkie. I am an academic at heart. And now I am a blogger!

I have always loved to write. At school, I did well in English, I was a first-team public speaker, and I chose books over television. I wrote birthday and Christmas cards in essay format, and I was recruited by family members to help them with wording of letters, emails, and speeches. I owe my love of words to my parents who didn’t have the time to read to me or help me with homework – so I learnt to read myself at a very young age and, at 6 years old, I was walking across the playground to the Grade 4 (10 years old) classrooms to retrieve books to read during story time. Vocabulary and grammar were ingrained into me; writing was not a chore but a natural pleasure.

Now, I am a medical student and writing in full sentences is not only a superfluous skill in this field but also one that is counterproductive to the realities of time. However, I have strangely come to a point where I feel the need to write again. Perhaps it is a moment in time where my passions in life are culminating: I am a year away from qualifying as a doctor and I have found an area of fitness that resonates with my life philosophy; and I need a space to share the knowledge I have gained on how food and fitness are medications for both mind and body.

I come from a background of anorexia – not as a result of the commonly misperceived notion that I hated the way I looked, but rather as a result of undue pressure I put on myself to be a top achiever in absolutely everything that I undertook. In the process, the only thing I felt I could control was my food. At 1.74m, I dropped to a low of 38kg. But I was lucky… I also come from a background of incredible support from both family and friends. When my dad made me take a good look at my life, I decided to turn it around – I saw how ungrateful I was being when I had been afforded so much privilege in love, education, circumstance, opportunity, and future aspirations, and decided to redirect my control from food to health. Being fit and able to do sport like I had competitively a couple of years prior drove me to new heights: I inspired myself through what I was able to DO. Since my journey to health started (it never ends), I have completed 2 half marathons, 4 Argus Cycle Tours, one  94.7 Cycle Tour, one Amashova Cycle Tour, and a whole lot of weight lifting! And I have studied medicine.

Currently, I am training for IronMan 70.3 while trying to keep up the weight lifting too. I fuel my body with a low carb approach as I truly believe in the performance and health benefits. Next year, I hope to study further broadening my knowledge base in Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics as I am a huge advocate for nutrition as disease prevention and treatment.

So this is my blog to share my journey with you (and more importantly myself!)

I will discuss what I have seen in the hospitals, issues that make you think about health and how we treat disease. I will share articles that I find interesting. I will post recipes that I make up in the tiny kitchen of my bachelor flat, and workouts that I dominate at the gym! This is going to be fun; I hope you join me for the ride!_MG_2141


2 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Passion Journey

  1. Hi Nikita! Thank you for following my blog. It seems our interests are closely aligned – medicine (the functional kind!) and performance in health and sport. I am really looking forward to reading the content you produce in the future. Best regards, Rory


    • Hi Rory. Great to connect with you. I am currently an intern medical doctor in South Africa. I heard your interview with Chris Kelly on Nourish Balance Thrive (one of my favourite podcasts!) and that lead me to your blog. I am hoping to study functional medicine this year and eventually specialise in sports medicine, Unfortunately it is not a specialty in my country yet so that may have to take place overseas. Looking forward to future conversations!


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